Is it possible to raise all of your shipped chicks?


7 Years
Apr 1, 2014
And not lose any of them to sickness or what not?

I'm freaked I'm going to make a mistake!
13 little chirpy heads are in my other room... and I am an anxious birdie mum.
Sometimes everything goes great___sometimes not. Not every chick will be successful, for many reasons. Sometimes things go wrong in shipping. Do your best to give them good food and a good environment, and realize that some may just not be survivors. Mary
And not lose any of them to sickness or what not?

I'm freaked I'm going to make a mistake!
13 little chirpy heads are in my other room... and I am an anxious birdie mum.
Hi Lady May,
Here's what I do to mitigate travel stress and get my birds off to a good strong start. You are right to be anxious. The 1st 2 weeks are important just like in puppies and kittens. I am going to share a URL in a sec but first I would like to introduce a company whose fine products I have been using for over a decade on my collies and birds. They are Bovidr Labs. They specialize in emergency nutritional supplements for many species. For my birds, I use Poultry Nutri-Drench. It is manufactured under 2 US patents. It is special because of the ingredients and because it doesn't need digesting. It mainlines straight to the bloodstream with 50% uptake in 15 minutes and 99% uptake in 30 minutes. The neat thing about Bovidr Labs products is they are made for various species.. However...the basic formula for all the species falls within scientific guidelines for a universal formula. So if they don't have Poultry-Nutri-Drench at your Tractor Supply or feed store, you can use Pet Nutri-Drops instead with the same dosage and usage directions their science techs gave me at the URL below: Post number one:
I put Poultry Nutri-Dench in my chick's water at the recommended 2cc per gallon rate for the first 2 weeks I have them. Yu can get a small syringe marked in cc's for cheap at your feed store or pharmacy. Just take the needle off and throw it away. You will want to use it preventively before you see problems. Other helps can take up to 3 hours to digest. When a chick is stressed one of the first things that happens is their digestive systems has a harder time uptaking nutrients and helps. PND bypasses this problem and shunts the helps directly to the bloodstream. It is very concentrated and the 4 oz. bottle is plenty for your needs.
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Karen and the Light Sussex
in western PA, USA
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And not lose any of them to sickness or what not?

I'm freaked I'm going to make a mistake!
13 little chirpy heads are in my other room... and I am an anxious birdie mum.

Raising chicks sometimes becomes an art in itself but the most important things are everything ...

Clean cater every day minimum and adding Probiotic & Electrolyte to the water the first week really up's the chances for good health as the Probiotic can help prevent vent gleet and other problems ...

The right feed is so important and having 2o% + protein is so important so I use Turkey grow up to the 6 month mark with other different feed's mixed in and never hesitate to mix your feed's ...

A good Brooder set up is a very important as anything with plenty of room to run as these little guys need all the room possible and feed and water available at all times .. Heating in the brooder is so demanding the first three weeks and also a way to move away from the heat...

Can you see the heater in the background and the lights attached ...

Feed and water is available also check out the vents on the side for
a good exchange of fresh air .....

No young flock is perfect but with a little care you can up their chances for survival ...

BYC has a very useful learning center and many of your concerns can be easley found

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Thank you! I do have a great brooder with lots of space and a way to get away from the heat, ACV in their water (that I will refresh often) and good food (great idea about mixing and the supplemental nutrition, I will look for both).

Already gave buns a bath and changed their bedding pad.

Wish I were home during the day... glad the weekend is coming so I can watch them a bit more often. Everyone has been very enthusiastic after their cross-country flight yesterday/this morning...

I have been staying up SO late trying to learn all I can ahead of any issue... I'm sure I will be here daily for a while!!
I am a brand new chick mother, too, and as much as I tried to be a farmer about this project, new mother angst set in the first day and the 6th day when I lost a chick to something I couldn't figure out. I think I have now resigned myself to loses and that I am going to make mistakes. But, if I have big loses - for whatever reason, I'm sure that is not going to be fun. I want to thank all the BYC members who patiently answer us newbies' panicked questions. It must get old to see all these "my chick is dying, what do I do?" every spring, but it means so much to have this forum to get feedback. Thanks to all you with experience for being here for us.
They are two weeks and 3 days old and healthy as can be. I am amazed... I have been so paranoid! But so far, it's been good. I change their water twice a day, washing the containers, and tend to their bedding daily. :)

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