Is it rude to ask for pics?


11 Years
Aug 8, 2008
I responded to an ad by email. The place is 45 min drive from here, so I asked if she had any pictures of the birds and their coop, and explained it was quite a drive to come out and check things out.

I assumed that was ok to do, and a pretty normal thing.

I got a sort of deadpan response: "go look at some hatchery pics"

Was I out of line to ask?
No, not out of line. They just sound too lazy to provide real pictures.

I'd go check them out if you want to continue doing business with them.
I think the person was rude! How are hatchery pics going to show you exactly what kind of condition their chickens are in. What a dolt! I think you were definitely right to ask to see pics.
I would have never went to meet DH if I haddent seen a picture first, LMAO

Now THAT's FUNNY, considering some of the pics we've seen of 'im !!!


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