Is it safe to order??


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Franklin, NC
I have had an order in with MM Hatchery since Feb. and the chicks are supposed to arrive on April 21. I really want to support MM because I think this could happen to any hatchery. What I would like to know is...Has anyone received an order in the last couple of weeks from them and are they ok now?
I would appreciate any input. I have other chickens and do not want to risk them if there is still a problem.

I am really hoping all is well now!
From what I have seen and read on this forum and a few others, the problem was within a specific time span and more recent deliveries have been without issue. Two orders I know of delivered up here to canada within the past few weeks and all chicks are doing well.

It is something that could happen to ANY hatchery or ANY person who breeds chickens, given the right set of variables. Hatcheries have good systems overall, but none of them are bullet proof.
I also ordered second week in March. I lost a couple the first 2 days, Im sure to shipping stress, and lost one recently that didnt thrive...she was 3 weeks old, and looked like a newborn. Other than that, they are all doing great.
My order arrived on Monday. Two were DOA, 1 salmon flav died two days later, 1 D'uccle died the first night, 1 BLRW died yesterday and another BLRW is showing some neurological symptoms.

Hope this helps.

I ordered 25 that were to arrive about March 3rd + the free chick. I was really worried after seeing the posts here and on other forums so called my postmaster to make sure he called me the second they had them (5AM on a Monday). We live within about 45 minutes of SeaTac airport and I was very surprised when the airmail center called on a Saturday March 1st to say my chicks had arrived. We didn't get the message until about 7:30PM. I was very worried about the chicks thinking that it was too late to get them and they'd be sitting there until Monday with no water but it turns out the airmail center at the airport is open 24x7. We got the chicks by about 9PM on a Saturday night - all were alive and all are still healthy. I'm not sure if we got lucky with the breeds we ordered but I do credit the air mail center in calling us rather than sending them on to the post office. I do wish MM had emailed when the chicks were sent out so I would have known. I was expecting the earliest I'd get them was the 3rd and luckily decided to set up my brooder that Saturday (the day they arrived).
Got mine this week, I ordered 29, they sent 38, and I ended up losing 12
, but I think that was due to a hard trip, I did not recieve them until late Tuesday morning, and they were shipped out on Saturday. MM was great with their customer service all the way throught the process, and they credited me for the 13 that died without any questions.
I am not sure what I ended up with I guess I will just have to wait and see, I ordered the 25 Brown egg layer assortment, 3 Buff Rocks, and 1 Black Giant Roo, because of the assortment possibilities, I'm not sure what I have or what I lost, I am pretty sure the 3 BR are there and OK, have one turken I can Identify, and one furry legged lady, othe than that I am not sure?
But as I said I has very happy with the services I got from MM.

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