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  1. My quail were infected with ulcerative eneritis 5ish weeks ago. We lost 4 before putting them on antibiotics. The survivors have been on antibiotics for 8 (9?) days now with no more illness or deaths. They're all quite perky and animated now, actually. My question is this: I have 18 quail that were hatched from my eggs (4 weeks old now) and I would like to put them into the colony. Is it safe to do so at this point? I can sanitize all water/feeders with bleach as well as spray the cage with a bleach solution if it would help any at all. What do y'all think?
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    that's iffy. Just because are the ill ones still needing to be on antibiotics? I ask because if they are (and im sure you know they should be treated with the reccomended antibiotic duration---btw congrats that you got some to survive YAY now you'll be helpful to others in the future wiht this with quails) then you'll be medicating the newbies too which isn't exactly waht you want to do (medicate for no reason). So if they aren't done being medicated if that was me I would not put the newbies in with them yet wait until your sick ones are completley off antibiotics and acting strong [​IMG]. Coturnix like to eat poo, so you'll want to make sure your sicklies are deffiantly better before they are introduced to them because they will end up eventually eating some doodie. Even in wire cages they get away with it (seen it with my own two eyes [​IMG] [​IMG]).

    If they're done, sanatize everything as you said, bleach the inside of the waterer, bleach everything you can. [​IMG] And watch for any signs. [​IMG]
  3. Thank you! I'm not sure how long to keep them on the meds. [​IMG] I'm giving them duramycin at the rate if 1tsp per gallon. 10 days like people/dogs/horses? I've had experiences medicating all of those, but not birds! [​IMG]

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