Is it too cold??


8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Central, LA
So my 24 chicks are 1 month old today, on Sunday I moved them outside into the coop with a 150w heat lamp. The temp hovers around 85-90 degrees under the lamp and about 50 outside. Tomorrow night it will be 39 degrees... Should I bring them in? I don't want anything to happen to them since I've gotten them this far. Any advise or tricks? Thanks guys!
I'd imagine they'll be fine. If the temp is 90F below the lamp then if they're cold they can go under there. At a month old they only really need 65-70F anyway. Make sure there are plenty of cool corners they can go in the coop and make sure you're not overheating them. More chicks die from too much heat than from the cold, and constant high temperatures will cause them to not feather out properly...
I agree with Gypsy. I keep my 3' x 5' brooder in the coop from day 1. One area is kept warm but the far corners are often 20 to 30 degrees cooler. The first couple of days they tend to stay under the heat lamp, but after that they roam all over the brooder, just coming back to the heat when they want to.

They do sleep under the lamp in a pile, but when I take the heat away at about 5 weeks they still sleep in a pile. I think it is more for comfort and companionship than a need for heat, but 24 month old chicks in a pile will generate a lot of heat.
I don't see why not. If you have a lamp, they'll get under it when

they're cold, and plus, at 1 month they should have most of their feathers,

(depends on what your feeding them) which is even better.
I've been feeding them Purina medicated chick starter. And once a week I add save-a-chick in with their water. They are mostly feathered ( the Buff Orphingtons & Barred Holland) hens... But the Dark Brahama roo's are a little slower & are just getting feathers on their backs.

Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how it turns out
Well last night was the night... I woke up & it was 38 degrees, I rushed out to check on them and they are all fine! They weren't even huddled under the light!

Thanks for the help guys!
My chicks have been out in the coop since they were a week old. I provide heat lamp at night. They are going on a month old now & are completely feathered out. I'll probably take the light out & let them start roosting. Your biddies will be fine. Mine would ball up on cold nights.I think raising them in a natural environment makes them stronger.

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