Is it too early to sex these chicks?


8 Years
May 27, 2015
North central WA
These chicks are just about 2 weeks old. The dad is buff orpington, the yellow one came from my buff hen, and the other two were eggs from my black hen, I don't know what breed she is... here is a picture.

One of them seems to have developed very quickly it has lots of wing feathers and a tail. Does anyone have any guesses if these are pullets or roos?

I do know that pullets will grow their tails before cockerels will. Post more pics in a couple weeks. In the mean time if you have any cockerels they will stand out by their comb growth/redness.
Orpingtons can be very slow to mature, some boys aren't obviously boys until well after 14 weeks. Having said that, none of yours show any indications of being male for now.

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