Is it too late to splint?


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Hi All,
I have a broken chicken about 3 months old :-( She survived a dog attack on July 4, and I separated her from the 2 other survivors. She was limping and her wing seemed injured, so we just let her rest. She ate well, didn't seem to be in pain, so we just kept her separated and let her out occasionally in the run. Now, she seems healthy but can't put weight on her foot and it's all curled up. Essentially, she looks like she broke her ankle. The foot bends backward at the ankle, and all her toes are limp and curled up backwards. Her wing seems fine--she flaps around a bit, and is an excellent lap chicken and just a sweetie. She doesn't seem to be in pain if I straighten her toes out, so I was thinking of using pipe-cleaner splints on the toes and tape to keep them in place. She can move them a little (I think) but can't put any weight on them--she falls on her face if she tries. But it seems like she is actually trying now to step normally. Mostly she had been holding her leg folded inward and perpendicular to her body, with the foot curled. She's got lots of energy and is more stable than she was a month ago . . . should I just be patient or would it help to splint?

Thanks so much, and best wishes to anyone in Irene's path (Up here in VT there's a lot of flooding, but not where I am--I feel very blessed.)
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Unfortunately atrophy has set in the leg/foot/hip. She should learn to get along with her wings and her good leg. She might even start useing the bad leg for balance. Make sure she is kept locked away from cats or dogs. When she moves around flapping her wings she looks like a injured bird (which she is) and the dogs/cats will attack. Also you will need to trim her nails since she will be unable to wear them down. I think she makes a wonderful lap chicken.
Thank you so much kidcody! It makes sense that her leg has atrophied. It's just so sad to look at. And I was just thinking today that I needed to trim her nails, but didn't know if I could or should, so, timely advice. But she does like to snuggle, and runs and hops in my lap if startled. She's a sweet girl, and my daughter's favorite, so we're just happy to have her :)

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