Is it too soon?

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Aug 25, 2014
I am thinking of ordering chicks now so they will be laying in spring and all summer, I know it will be a little more work keeping them warm but is there any other negatives to consider?
As long as you have the set up to caring for them then it's fine IMO. The choice may be a little more limited in terms of breeds I'd imagine, but if breeders or hatcheries have what u want, then that's fine.

Good luck
The only two negatives are need to brood longer and shipping chicks in winter may not bode well. January/February is the time most breeders gear up to hatch. Reason for that is the birds need to be of size for the fall poultry shows. Here in New England the National Poultry Conference is scheduled early January to make due for long winters and the fact that most here are not going to brood in February. March sure, I'll start hatching late March.

So you know getting chicks now wont have them laying by spring or summer. Average age of lay is 5-6 months, 22-26 weeks. If you got chicks Feb. 1st I'd not expect an egg until August 1st. Maybe you want older pullets. Heck I'd sell you a few pullets that have yet to lay if you lived closer.
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