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    Mar 11, 2007
    Is it true that you can stop turning chicken eggs on day fourteen? I know you're supposed to stop turning them on day 18, but I'm going out of town on day 15 or 16, and won't be home till day 21.... So can they go without turning that long? My dad will be home, but last time he touched my incubator he left it OPEN and possibly ruined the last of my hatch.
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    Quote:Probably [​IMG]

    Studies I have seen suggest that the first 7 days are critical, the second 7 are important and by day 14 the embryo is moving around sufficiently to not get stuck. In any event, they stop turning on day 18, so it's only 4 days early.

    Better to take that risk than to risk *sticky fingers* spoiling your hatch.

    just my 2c

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