Is it worth it?


May 1, 2018
Southeast Texas
So this batch around one of the black broilers I was raising for meat started mounting and crowing at week 8. Since they aren’t the typical Cornish cross they take a little longer till eating size. My question is, would he be worth keeping to start my own broiler group? Or should I raise up a couple Cornish crosses? Or is it worth raising breeding you own Cornish crosses? Should I continue just buying the chicks?

Folly's place

10 Years
Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
The meat bird crosses won't breed true, and those huge males may have problems mating. I like the slower growing meat bird types too, but never kept any for breeding. The one 'freedom ranger' hen who stayed another year produces a few medium sized eggs per week. It was funny; this huge hen, and those little eggs! She went to the freezer the following summer.
Guessing here, but it seems to me that getting good Cornish chicks would produce better breeding stock rather than using a hybrid. Maybe one of these as a keeper rooster?

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