is kiwi safe?


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May 13, 2014
My recovering hen has gotten some odd tastes in food. Is kiwi ok? And would crushing a human calcium/D 3 vitamin be ok to sprinkle on her treats? Not sure. She is getting enough from what she has been willing to eat :/ Thanks
To my knowledge Kiwi is safe. I would cut down on her treats if she is recovering. She needs proper nutrition. Have you tried to entice her to eat her feed by wetting it or mixing it with a little of something else? Yes you can crush a D3 vitamin, many have done that if the hen is laying soft shells.
when she was not eating at all her feed wet into soft clumps is what I hand force fed her. She is very turned off to her normal food now. As if to say NO MORE of that crud. She doesnt like yougert. She has been eating in the yard free roam in the grass that last 2 days pretty well. Till her crop feels full. She eats dried oat meal, doewnt care for wet cooked. She eats cooked Quinoa sometimes. She will love squash one day and not the next. Cucumbers seem a favorite and some tomoto. It looked like she pecked at the bowl of regular feed today but I didnt actually see her do it! It seems like she eats a lot of grass while out foraging. From what Ive seen half her flock bullied her out. I keep her alone in seperate coop at night. But wonder if I should keep one of the nice ones with her to help her eat. She seems more interested in what ever she sees the others eat.
If she is roaming the yard chances are she is providing herself with a more balanced diet. If she isn't laying I wouldn't worry about extra calcium. If she is pecking at her feed it is likely that she sees it as a supplement to what ever else she is getting, so isn't eating a lot of feed.
That's what I was hoping. I've seen her peck at the feed for a minute a few times today. Thanks for the help :)

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