Is lockdown necessary? HELP!!

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    Hi BYC, my eggs have one week and a half to hatch in my Hova Bator 1602n. I was wondering if lockdown 2 days before is NECESSARY? I was thinking about getting a couple more eggs but if I have to put the eggs through lockdown, I won't be able to turn the new eggs. Will it be ok If I get new eggs and don't go through lockdown? Help!

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    I'm afraid lockdown is necessary for your older eggs. By adding other eggs you would be creating a staggered hatch and for me personally that's a no no as it would cause me too much worry.
    Eggs need to be locked down and stopped been turned on day 18 so they have time to get into position in order to hatch. They also require high humidity so they can pip zip and hatch from the egg. High humidity could affect your added eggs by causing them to not lose enough moisture and the air cell may not grow enough for them to safely pip into. Turning is also crucial for the added eggs on the first 14 days so all the embryos parts develop in the correct position and the nutrients are moved around in the egg. By opening the incubator to turn the added eggs the locked down eggs could become shrink wrapped when the humidity drops. I say could as this may or may not happen there is no way to tell for sure.

    Hatch is also messy so your added eggs would be at risk from the bacteria from the hatch gunk that new chicks produce. You would need to completely clean your incubator out after hatch and then put your added eggs back in there. If you didn't clean it out it would become stinky very quickly.

    I hope this helps with some of the possible problems of a staggered hatch. Good luck.
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