Is My Chick Sick??


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I have a 6 day old FBCM chick that seems to have a puffier chest and when I put her next to my ear, I think I hear "clicking" sounds when she breathes. She appears healthy, eats good and is active, but I am REALLY worried! She is in a large tote with another Maran chick and 8 BLRW. I clean the tote every day and have not put any substrate in it yet. I have newspaper with paper towels on the newspaper so they won't slip. They are in my extra bedroom in the house which is 65-70 degrees and they have a heat lamp. I have a thermometer in their tote and they have been 95-100 degrees. I'm feeding them medicated chick starter.
I am so scared she will die! I lost a chick once to sour crop when it was 3 weeks old. She is from a dozen mail order eggs and only two hatched.
What should I do?? Should I go to the feed store and get the antibiotics that go in their water? Could she have sour crop starting???


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95-100 is too hot, I'm afraid.

First week of life: 90-95
decrease by 5 degrees every week

Very important: chicks must be able to get away from the heat. One side of the brooder should be cooler. They can easily die from being overheated. They need shavings or something to grip onto underneath the paper towels and newspaper, or it could lead to spraddle leg (where they do the splits).

Here is a good website for you if you are interested:

I wouldn't medicate as long as the chick is eating and drinking, and acting ok. I don't know what the clicking sound is, though.

If it were me, I'd just watch the chick carefully for now.

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