Is my chicken sick?

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    Dec 26, 2014
    My Rhode Island Red is 2 years old. She is acting normal, but is skinnier than the other chickens, has a little less feathers, and is laying thin egg shells so that the eggs are broken when lain. Her comb is still red and she is eating and drinking. We had mice about a month ago and they were taking her feathers, and they have not grow back yet. Any ideas for what is going on? Worms maybe?
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Usually other hens are the reason for feather loss. Make sure that she is eating a good brand of 16% layer feed, and supplement her with some crushed egg shells or oyster shell. You can even give some egg or dry cat food for extra protein that may help re-grow feathers. Some hens have problems utilizing calcium, or have a defective shell gland, making the eggs thin shelled or shell-less. The eggs breaking inside can be a set-up for egg yolk peritonitis. That can cause many symptoms including weight loss, laying internally, infection, walking upright or like a penguin, and runny stools. I have 2 hens who lay thin shelled eggs due to this or an injury one suffered in a dog attack.

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