Is my chicken sick

You've come to the right place. But.

We'll need a bit more detail than that. A broody hen seems like she has the runs but it's normal. So

What kind of bird? Hen or roo? How old? How long has she been like this? Any major changes otherwise? Any other symptoms? Is she eating? Drinking?

The more detail, the more people here will recognize and be able to help.

Tell us how s/he is doing.

Good luck
Coccidiosis could be a problem if she is new to the soil. How is she acting. Signs of cocci are lethargy, standing around puffed up or hunched, diarrhea or blood in stools, ruffled feathers, weakness, and poor appetite. Treatment for that is Corid or amprollium from the cattle section of feed stores. Worms also could be a problem. Valbazen or fenbendazole are good wormers.
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