is my cochin broody already???


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Apr 22, 2009
My 22-week old red cochin has been laying nearly daily for about 3 weeks. Now she sits on her egg almost all day and today, even after I took the egg from her, she kept returning to the coop to sit in her empty nest. She barely ate at all. She's also making screeching noises at me when I open the coop door to check on her. She looks perfectly healthy- just acting oddly. Is this broody behavior?
Hi I also got a broody Jap bantam sitting on 13 eggs she is 5 months old Yikes I cant believe she is going broody at this young of age she screeches at me also and puffs all up.............. I hope there fertile eggs I couldnt find her for 2 days and today i found her and her clutch of eggs by the coop near a tree I was amazed Is your sitting on any eggs now?? Do you have a rooster?
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Our Japanese Bantam went broody on us almost a month after she started laying, and now we have another bantam that looks like she is going down the same path. She is about 5 weeks after her first eggs.

If you do not have a rooster, you could always track down some fertile eggs to slip under her and see what she can do. We found some for our JB, and I might track down some quail eggs for our second bantam if she stays broody.
Thank you all for your prompt responses. I live in Portland and am not allowed to have a roo. If I get fertilized eggs for her to hatch what will I do with the baby quails, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, turtles, etc.? And where do I find fertilized eggs? If it means her mood will improve then by all means, I want her to have some babies!
if you want to order her eggs i would buy some fertile eggs of a breed you like from someone local, that way you can avoind shipping truama on the eggs, she wont be able to fit more than 7 full sized eggs and maybe 10-12 bantam eggs under her at one time, so keep that in mind, and she will raise the chicks after they hatch


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