Is my Cochin egg bound?


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May 15, 2010
North FL
I have a cochin that is now egg laying age. Her comb and waddles are red and she is submitting to our rooster and she is spending time in the nest boxes. Everytime she comes out of the box someone jumps right in so I can't really tell if one of the eggs is hers. I did spot one egg the other day that seemed a little small and sort of misshaped and thought that could have been hers because I'm pretty sure I can put a hen with all the other eggs we get. She came out this morning really raising a ruckus so I thought this is my chance. Well my little bantam hen had jumped right in so I tried to move her a little to look for an egg. I didn't see an egg but I didn't really try to move the other hen a lot because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable or scare her. The bird in question seems fine otherwise. She eats and drinks and walks fine. Is it possible my cochin is egg bound or maybe just not quite ready to lay? I am worried; she is favorite with the kids. Thanks in advance.


The bantam hen came out and was only sitting on one egg.
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I let her sit in some warm water and gave her bath. I tried to feel around on her around where her vent is and didn't really know what to feel for but she didn't give me a bad time while I was doing it so I guess she isn't hurting. She did have some poo caked around in her feathers near her rear end but maybe she is just not ready to lay yet. She's trying I guess.
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<3ChickenForever :

How old is she?

maybe 8 months, she just submitting to the rooster and sits in the nest boxes, but no eggs​
Does she seem distressed at all? Mine stood with their tail down and seemed uncomfortable. However, if she seems fine it could be that she is just getting started. It can take them a while to get regular at it. At first some of mine who have several days in between eggs.
She's completely herself. I guess it's just not quite time. Like I said, she sits in one of the boxes for a while and then comes out raising all kinds of sand like she's laid an egg and nothing in the box.

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