is my columbian wyandotte sick, or just a mutant?

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  1. Nine weeks ago, I got my first batch of day old chicks. Among them were 4 columbian wyandottes (though I only ordered 2). For the first month, all grew normally, and at the same rate as the other breeds.Then, one shot up and is still bigger than all the others, but the last chick just barely seems to be developing at all. It is only a little smaller than the others, and he eats and drinks just fine, but while the others have feathered out it just seems to be loosing its fluff without gaining any feathers. I have closely observed all the chicks and although it seems to be less social than the others, they don't pick on it any more than they do eachother (just normal chick stuff, no mean behavior). It is not wounded anywhere, its just naked! AND it has a hooked beak like a raptor. The tip curves down about 1/4", but that doesn't seem to stop it from eating. It just looks like a dinosaur... or something. I decided to name it Archeopterix. Archie for short.
    So I just want to know if I should worry... or trim it's beak... or sell it to a paleontologist? I am just at a loss. The other 28 chicks are fine... what is wrong with Archie?
    And here is Archie next to one of the other columbians I have.

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    Looks like a roo - maybe just slow feathering? Don't know about the beak! I know roos are supposed to feather out more slowly, seems a little extreme though. LOL regarding the paleontology!

    Edited to say that growthwise I have a similar issue with a BLR Wyandotte girl. She's second from the right on my BYC page. She also seems thin to me.
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    I think that "Archie" is a Rooster! Some of my roosters seem to grow much quicker than my hens. Also, the feathers on my roosters always seem to come in slower than the hens.
  4. Well I have several others who I am sure are roos, but none of them look anywhere near this mangy! In fact, my silkies are the only ones aside from Archie who don't have any real chicken-like feathers.
    And NONE of them have hooked beaks!
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    Look how thick his legs are!

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    I t is hard to believe that he's nine weeks old! Sorry I don't have much knowledge to share!
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    My six Columbians are growing and feathering out at different rates, but the ones that don't have all their feathers yet still have fuzz. Can you give us an update on Archie?
  8. Update on Archie:
    Now three months old, Archie has feathers on his head and wings.
    And some fuzz left on his lower body.
    The rest of him is still naked- several square inches of bare skin are visible.
    The other 3 columbians are completely feathered, in fact the whole flock looks just like miniatures of their adult forms, but Archie looks like a dinosaur still. His eyelids are a darker color and his head feathers look really fluffy- course that could be because of his naked neck. He broke the strange hook off his beak and it hasn't come back fortunately.
    The other chickens don't like him much. They don't bully him, but they just don't act nice when he is around. He is a bit of a loner and has developed a twitchy, rodent-like demeanor. He does not perch, but he sleeps in the coop with the others (my silkies are the only ones who will share a nest box with him) and I think he might eventually get feathers.
    He is just an odd chicken... probably not a keeper. He isn't social at all and even if he is a she, I think we don't want to keep it. I have been trying to get new pics for an update, but the bird won't even let me point the camera at him! he gets all paranoid and runs off, or hides behind others.
    At almost 4 weeks, the front of him is feathered, as you can see.
    But compare that to scuttle, below, same breed and age.
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    Poor little baby, maybe something genetic? Please post a new picture when you can.

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