Is My Coop Large Enough


Mar 7, 2018
New parent here, first timer. Bought a prefabricated coop kit from TSC and 10 chicks (no bantam). I attached pictures. The whole unit with the run is about 8'x4'. The coop is about 4'x4'. We still want to get 2 guinea fowl to put in the coop. All our birds are pullets. We plan on building chunnels to extend the run. We live in West Michigan. Is this coop and run large enough for our flock?


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A 4x4 could theoretically hold 4 birds.
I find the need for them to stay inside during snows, extreme cold, or heavy rain requires much more space per bird.

Those nests being inside the coop means even less usable space. Then if you need to put food or water inside that's even less.

You need an 8x8 to house 12 birds and even that will feel tight.
Your run will need to be at least 120sq feet or 10x12.

Bigger would be better of course.
You'll get some pretty nasty fighting if you try to put 10 full-grown hens in that coop. Especially as you live somewhere cold so they'll likely be spending a lot of time in the coop. Hope you can work something out before they get too much bigger!

PS Guineas like to roost in the trees, not sure you could get/keep them in the coop.

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