Is my duck a Runner?


8 Years
May 31, 2011

Just found this community and it has helped answer a lot of questions I had. About a week and a half a go I had a duckling wander in to my back garden (strange as we live in the middle of a city) , we asked around the neighbours, rang the local city farm and RSPCA to see if anyone had lost the duckling, but no-one was missing it. S/He's taken up residence with us and is making a mess of the carpet, so I'm getting him/her some predator proof outdoor housing and thinking also of getting a companion duck for company.

I've been feeding him/her an unmedicated layer mash supplemented with thawed frozen peas, a few meal worms, some spinach and occasionally some boiled egg - Peas seem to be his/her favorite food though.
Does that sound like a decent diet for duckling?

I think from looking around on the web that the duckling is probably 3-4 weeks old as it's only just starting to get some small feathers in the last few days, but is pretty big and tall with small wings so I think it might be an Indian Runner of some kind - possibly a Blue Trout? S/he has also developed a white ring around the neck.

Any tips on raising a young duck would be handy, especially any ways of finding out what sex it is?

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If it's standing up quite straight it could be a runner. It would be good if you could post a picture, that would help us to identify it

is the link to the ultimate list of duck treats. It has more than just duck treats though. The diet sounds great except for the spinach, it is a no no because it blocks calcium absorption. Peas are like drugs to a duck.
They will eat them all day if you let them and they will expect them so beware when walking around without any lol! They do need a friend because they are very flock oriented and need company. A good way to tell is by voice around a month old the girls will start to quack and boys will take a bit longer and be raspy whack sound. But to be positive you have to wait for the drake feathers (curly tail feathers) to come in with their adult feathers. Nettie (the lady who made the ultimate list) also makes duck pampers if you want to have a house duck
Hope some of this helps and
I would take it off the LAYER mash. Its a baby so you would be better with a Grower/Finisher more than anything. Ducks love peas s your doing good there. Once you have done enogh posts you will have to put up photos or go thru photobucket so we can all see your baby. Blue Trout is a rare colour so we all want to see pics to see if you found a rare one
Thanks for all the tips, I'll stop the spinach and see if I can find a starter feed. The duckling goes absolutely crazy for peas and will catch them individually in his/her beak if I drop them one by one - even tries to jump up to get them:lol:

That list of treats is really handy! Thanks

Will post a photo as soon as I can - The reason I think s/he may be a Blue Trout is that s/he has stripes across the eyes and head along with a medium golden brown down - very similar to a duckling I saw on the Indian Runner pics page on the Ashton Waterfowl website (like the ducking at the back in the pic half way down the page on the right - sorry not able to post link yet).

If i'm going to get a companion duck is it best to try and get one about the same age and breed?
Woo, another person in the UK!
I have a friend who lives in Bristol. Bit far from me though!

Had a look at the website, we think one of mine is Apricot Trout (at the front) and are not sure of two of our other girls... Have a look at my thread in my sig. to see them and see if your duckling looks anything like any of mine

Look forward to seeing a photo
I used to live not far from Bristol. Im originaly from the UK. I used to live in Hullavington not far outside Chippenham. I used to have to go to Bristol Tample Mead to get the train home when I went on leave. Oh well, at least I offered a buddy for your baby, never mind, maybe Adam can help you find a Runner to keep yours company.

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