Is my duckling ok?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by hanjj033, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Apr 17, 2015
    I have hatched a few ducks in the past and every so often I notice something about them that I think is different or unusual. Almost every time I ignore it, it turns into an issue or problem. So Im just double checking now for this little duckie. It just hatched and its holding one of its wings a little differently to normal. Its holding its outher wing normally, like other ducklings so, but this one is a little droopy. Thoughts?[​IMG]
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    I'd give it 24 hrs and see what it is doing with the wing then if it's still dropping maybe use some vet wrap and gently wrap the wing in proper position for a couple days to see if that gets it in place. Looks like the toes are curling in too you can also make a shoe to straighten out the toes also

    Beautiful duckling what breed?
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    Chick Shoes for Twisted or Curled Toes

    • CAUTION: A chick wearing Chick Shoes can easily drown if it stumbles near a water container. See "Prevent Drowning in Water Dish"section.
    • Use for splinting and correcting Twisted Toes, or sometimes to help with Curled Toes. (With Twisted Toes, an adult or chick walks on sides of twisted toes. With Curled Toes, a chick walks on tops of curled toes.)
    • Cut out a small, flat triangle a little larger than the size that the chick's foot should be when toes are spread. Position each toe correctly and then use a small piece of sports tape to tape the toe to the cardboard.
    • A different type of chick shoe splint can be made from pipe cleaners (or flower arranging wire and thin padding, for older chickens).
    • If treating young chick: Important to put on new shoe at least every 1-3 days while feet growing fast.The chick will likely need to wear the shoes a total of 4 days to 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the problem
      • Make sure shoe size increased regularly so foot doesn't outgrow shoe. Toe Taping (See below) may be better for treating some problems.
      • Notice and correct sooner if chick wiggles toe into wrong position, before deformities are caused.
    • If treating older bird: You may want to treat moderately twisted toes if causing problems. Do not try to correct long-term, severely twisted toes. Bones, muscles & ligaments are mature & may not be able to be reshaped, or will change more slowly.
      • Aim for gradual reshaping.
      • Check regularly that there isn't too much debris sticking to shoe, & that toes haven't slipped loose.
      • Change the shoe at least every 4-7 days.The bird may need to wear the shoes and/or have its toes taped (See below) for 2-5 weeks.
    • *Be extra sure to follow Special Note on Removing Tape from Legs, Feet & Toes instructions.

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