Is my goose done laying for the season?


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Mable, our year old goose, starting laying at the beginning of March. She has laid one egg about every two days. So, with that math she's laid forty eggs (probably close to thirty in reality). She's been sitting on her nest continuously for the past three days without laying.

Is she done laying for the season?
if shes sitting on her nest she's done laying the amount of eggs she wishes to sit on. if shes been around a gander lately expect the pitter patter of little gosling feet in about 28 days i believe :)

if she doesnt have a partner and the eggs will then be take the eggs away :)
I have an African goose that will be a year June 20 which was her hatch date. She has been laying egg since Christmas!! I'm not kidding. She is still laying. I was able to hatch 6 goslings out of ALL those eggs. They weren't fertile. She is now sitting on eggs so I'm guessing she is finished. Although, she had tried sitting before and got up after 2 days. Maybe this is for real this time.

I didn't realize that it was possible for a goose to lay that early in life and for so long. She is paired with a Sebbie. I'm anxious to see how they turn out. I have no idea where my American Buff is hiding her eggs. Although, I don't feel it's ever in a good spot because the eggs seem to disappear. She too was hatched June 20th. These two were hatchery goslings.

I do hope you get some babies.

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