Is my hen a dutch bantam?

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    Feb 27, 2014
    I got this hen (pictured below) from a friend a few weeks ago. My friend found her roaming around the neighborhood and began feeding her. She started roosting in a large bush outside my friend's house. After a while, she disappeared for a few weeks and came back with nearly a dozen chicks. Only 5 survived because of dogs, hawks, etc. My friend called us to take the hen and her chicks to a safer place. They currently live with our other birds in our back yard.

    I think she is a Dutch bantam. She is very small, has white ear lobes, and orangish yellow legs. She flies extremely well and still prefers to roost in trees and bushes. Last night, she surprised us by flying up 20 feet into an oak tree in our back yard. We couldn't convince her to come down, so that's where she spent the night. She's generally quiet and gentle but does not allow our other hens to pick on her. She fights back and even chases them away despite their larger size. They leave her alone now.


    Her chicks (pictured below) are definitely mixed and look quite different than her. They're around 6-8 months and are already bigger than her. The only indication that they came from her is that they still follow her around. They also fly fairly well but not as well as her. Any clue on what they're mixed with?


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    She definitely is not Dutch. Seems she has American Game blood in her. Be careful with the boys when they grow up, so they do not fight to death.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    She's long in the back for a Dutch Bantam. Also, Dutch Bantams have slate legs not yellow legs. I'd say she's a chicken [ mixed breed].

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