Is my new egg layer sick or just tired?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Carpediem0881, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Nov 11, 2013
    We have a 22 week old leghorn that just started laying. We didn't know she was laying until we found her free range nest under an old part of the house. We crawled under to find her sitting on 8 eggs, so she had been laying for some time. Since we removed the eggs, blocked off the openening to the area she was laying in I noticed she has been moping around, not foraging, or eating much.

    She had some stool all over her back so I gave her a quick bath and noticed she had stool all around her vent and has had very loose stool in general, diarhia like.

    So in summary...

    Just layed 8 eggs, and just removed the eggs and moved her nest area
    Has been moping around
    Not foraging like others and like she usually does
    Not running around like usual
    Not chirping like usual
    And I have been able to pick her up without a fight, which is not like her or the flock, they tend to get close but not to be picked up

    Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Is she ****** I moved her eggs and closed up her nesting area or is she sick in some way?

    Been reading everything I can and no closer to figuring it out. I'm going to lock her up in the coop for a couple days to keep an eye on her, bu t any advice would be great.

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    Keep an eye on her, but she's likely just trying to find a way back into her nesting spot. Chickens hate change, so whenever you change something, it takes a while for them to adjust to it.

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