Is my rooster getting it done?


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Apr 17, 2010
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I have a broody bantam hen who really did a great job for her first go around. I kept 8 eggs under her, and got three chicks. The other eggs had nothing going on inside when I opened them today, (25 days).

I've got some RIR hens and a couple others who are bigger than the rooster, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Were the other 5 eggs not fertile, or do some fertile eggs just not develop?


Here is a photo of him and some of the hens.

He seems bigger than a banty to me, but is smaller than the RIR's.

This is what I do, after day six or seven candle the eggs and see if they are starting to develop. Again at about day 14 or 15 . Thsi way you can see excactly what is fertile and won't be wasting your time and the hens. Was the eggs left out in the cold weather before the hen started setting?
Thanks for the reply. All the eggs I put under her came from a three day period, and at most, three or four of them sat in the nest next to hers for 1 or 2 days before I put them into hers. It was not cold, (75 daytime/40 night), After that, she never left them, except for food and water. She was fierce about staying on the nest.

I tried candling, but my light was weak, and I didn't really know what I was looking for. I since did a search here, and found some stuff.

My chickens are at the farm, an hour away, and I have no phone or computer there, so only when I come back to town for a day or two can I check the site.


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Oh! He looks PLENTY big enough to be breeding them! I thought he was a banty-banty... like way smaller. There could be fertility problems? I have no idea... best of luck! He sure is pretty!
Get a good light for candling...I got a great one from Auto Zone for $ an ink pen with a clip so you can carry in your pocket....super bright & works great!

When you gather eggs, break one ever so often & look for the "bullseye".....little white ring....that means it's fertile. There are pics of that somewhere here, do a search. No fertilization can mean: too many hens per roo, young roo, poor nutrition.
Thanks for the info.

I'll keep a better eye on the eggs I'm breaking in the kitchen, and do some candling the next time. He has a great diet and completely free ranges 4 or 5 days a week all around the farm with manure piles, fresh grass, lots of insect life, etc.

I did get 3 out of 8, so I guess he isn't shooting all blanks, but you never know.

Now another question... when can I put more eggs under her? She has two chicks now that are around 8 days old. I'm not in the production business, but I would like to get another 6 or 8 chicks started during the nice weather.


If the chicks are that old, you'll have to wait until she goes broody again. When they get about 5 weeks, you could take them away, and by weaning them a little early... maybe she would go back to laying and hopefully setting after she has made her mental "clutch". As soon as she starts sitting you can then put as many eggs as she can cover and then put some eggs in the incubator as well! When she hatches her chicks your incubator chicks should be hatching as well. Then all you gotta do is slip the incubator chicks under her at night on hatching day. Then you got a momma raising you twice the number she could hatch! There ya go!

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