Is my rooster sick?

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    My rooster has been acting different the past two or three days. I had posted on here the other day bc one of his eyes was swollen shut but it healed on it's own. Now, he is acting like he doesn't feel good bc he is falling asleep a lot while standing & going in the coop early at night. Usually when I go to the coop to lock them up they are all awake & look at me but he was already asleep with his head tucked in his feathers & didn't wake up with me talking. This isn't normal for him as he is always alert. My husband also said he thought he saw some green discharge coming from his nose but wasn't sure. I haven't been able to watch him enough to see if he is eating normally but I did throw out some corn and I didn't see him eat any like he usually does. What could be wrong with him?
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    Given the description above - especially even just possible discharge - I would be isolating this bird post haste. There are several illnesses that could be at play here and you have the risk not only to the rooster's health, but that of your entire flock as well. The eye that was swollen, was it crusty? When you isolate him you can get a better look for that nasal discharge - but this really sounds like you have seen a series of indicators for a respiratory issue.
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