Is my rooster trying to court me?


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8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Is it weird to think that my rooster is trying to court me? I locked the hens in their house and they were not around when I started throwing mulberries to my rooster. He would pick them up and put them down while clucking loudly to show me where they were at. I told him "I know where they are at, I just gave them to you, silly!" When I tried to walk away he followed me and kept trying to show them to me. I've seen him try to court the ladies with this tactic... tricking them with treats. This is the second time he has done this, now. Is he in love?
Is is better to have a rooster in love with you, or hate you? Is he going to try to jump on me when I'm not looking?! Can I use his love for me to my advantage when he's hopped the neighbors fence and acts all confused about how to hop back?

Oh man, thanks for giving me a good laugh today. What a mental image!

It sounds like you must be one attractive human to warrent such attention!
I wish my rooster would fall in love with me. Heck, I'd be thrilled if he even fell in tolerance of me. He's always giving me the evil eye, on guard, and just a jerk. I love him anyway, but it's clearly a one way feeling.

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