Is my runner duck sick or going through puberty?


Jun 13, 2019

My ducks just turned 9 weeks old yesterday. I woke up to my Blue Runner making these funny honking noises. I'm concerned because she does the pant/gape thing too even when resting. I thought at first that she had something stuck in her throat,but after swimming in the pool and access to fresh water all day she is still doing it.
I tried looking in her mouth,but I can't see down her throat. Her eyes are clear, no discharge from nose, no sneezing. She is eating and drinking and foraging fine although sometimes she does stretch her neck out like she is working hard to push her food down. She has only ever loudly and proudly quacked once and it was when she was stressed out. It was a cool day and none of the other ducks were panting. I hope the audio is clear enough in the video.

Any thoughts?
Update: She stopped gaping by the next morning and just seemed to be breathing hard. I thought I was probably just freaking out over nothing. This morning though she was back to gaping and really struggling to breath. I took her to the vet and they gave her an antibiotic injection as well as sent me home with antibiotics and a probiotic to give her. None of the other ducks have had and breathing issues. I'm not entirely certain that it is a respritory infection, but I'm hoping that the antibiotics will help anyway.

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