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I've been debating on this.. I want to get NPIP registered, certified what have you.. Next year when I have more then 2 adult birds.. but what is the meaning of NPIP, vrs just being to improve poultry.. what is the real meaning behind it..and why are so many people registered with NPIP.. I just want to know all the facts before hand..

and how often do you need to get tested.. Can you show birds who aren't tested, and can you ship birds who aren't tested?? can't find those answers online..

Thanks In Advance guys
The program is in place to prevent the spread of disease. Pullorum and Typhoid testing is the basis of the NPIP program, but many other tests and certifications are offered under the program. P-T testing is normally required for public shows as well as to move them across state lines. The testing can be done as often as you feel necessary. Most fairs require the birds to have been tested within the last 90 days. Also, clean stock would be a selling point for anyone in the business of selling live poultry and could be required by state regulations.
that makes sense.. like I said I will do the NPIP test next year.. well Jan.. once my chicks are bigger and etc.. right now I have 2 birds and I don't show or anything so I'm not really going to pay to have two birds done.... is it expensive or not so much..
The cost depends upon which state you live in and how their program is set up. It could be anywhere from free testing by volunteers or state employees to $85 an hour for a state veterinarian, depending upon your state's program.
I see you're in Colorado - the testing here is very inexpensive compared to some other states. I had my small flock tested this past April for the first time - total cost $12. One important thing to remember, once you get certified, you can only buy eggs, chicks and adults from out-of-state from other NPIP participants.
Where in CO are you?
Thanks, Mac!
Cost about 50.00 here.....

Yes before you can show, ship, sale at auctions your flock needs to be NPIP tested. Even if you ship hatching eggs. With only 2 birds they could be tested at the auction, or at the show. Not sure at the show.

I have mine tested once a year, and just don't ship to states that want them tested 30 before shipping.

You get the forums to ship the bird or eggs too.......Also get a book with ALL NPIP tested flocks ,by state and type of birds. you will be given a number for your flock. first 2 number would be for your state. Ohio #31-???

I am NPIP so only buy from NPIP Flocks

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