Is Phoebe getting ready to lay eggs?

Yeah, that's odd alright. I don't know. Looks like she's certainly trying to do something...either go to the bathroom or drop an egg. I've never seen that in any of my hens. Wish I could be more help. I can tell you I've watched numerous hens come of age and start laying, and I've never seen that before...
It looks like she is trying to pass an egg. My RIR does that same squat when she lays her egg. That's really early for your brahma, her face is so red also. My brahma is 6 months old and still has a light pink face.

Maybe your brahma is older then you think?
Maybe the person I got them from said she thought they were 3 mos, but couldn't remember because she had two batches of the same breed of chickens. I have a White Cochin who also has a very red face, much more red then my Barred Rock Cross is is 17 weeks.
Well thanks for your help everyone, I've been out there most of the day and no egg and she's pooping fine. I'll swing by the coop same time tomorrow and see if she does it again or if there are any eggs.

I'm wishing for an egg. We're down to one in the fridge LOL.

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