Is Princess Leia really Luke Skywalker?


5 Years
Jan 27, 2014
I have 7 Ameracauna (or really, I think Easter Egger) chicks, almost 7 weeks old now. I'm hoping they're all pullets, but I'm beginning to think our one black and white named Princess Leia (by my Star Wars crazed boys) is actually a rooster. I've been reading lots of sexing threads as I'm brand new to all of this, and while "he" does have thicker legs and is a little more gangly than the others, and he seems to have a much more pronounced comb, he doesn't seem to have any color going on (like splashes of red) on his shoulders, or wings. What do you all think? My plan is to keep him until he starts crowing, but I can't have roosters in my town, and we'll be sad to see him go!! When do they start crowing? The second photo is just to show you what all my other chicks look like at this point, beautiful red browns! I love my chickens. :)

You are right, they are Easter Eggers. And sadly, Princess Leia is a rooster, with that much red in his comb (plus the three rows) I would have to say he's a boy.
Also, any thoughts on this chicken with the black head? She's my favorite, and is so friendly, so PLEASE tell me she's a girl!!! She's really the only other chicken that I think might be a rooster (only because of the pink color of her comb... all the other ones have very pale, and about the same size combs. (First two pictures are of Buttercup, I'm fairly certain she's a pullet, she's a good representation of what 5 of my girls look like)

Your white bird is a rooster, but the second bird you asked about, the dark headed, is a pullet. That's a cool color to have as they look particularly hawk-like when then mature

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