Is she alright? (pics)


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
okay, so for years we had a chinese goose couple on our lake. The male was kinda of an aggressive bully but the female was a timid little thing.

We lost the male to a snake bite(or something like that
) and now poor bonny goose is all by herself. For the last month or so this very timid goose has been becoming friendlier and friendlier and friendlier. She will follow you around the lake and will even come up to you and let you pick her up, hold her, pet her, etc.

I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior or if something is wrong with her. Note that she has grown up a half wild goose and has in the past never let anything or anyone so much as touch her. Now all the sudden she's your best friend and lake walk buddy...

I'm enjoying this new side of her but am also slightly concerned for her...any ideas?

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Our geese liked stuff they were supposed to have, of course... stuff like popcorn and pieces of bread, and the tomatoes on our bushes. You'll have to consistent in giving the treats to make her warm up to you. You other option would be to find her a new mate.
If you want to give treats, geese love fruit. Soft apples, melon, berries.

Mine adore the seeds and pulp out of the middle of cantaloupe.

Mine also have a craving for cheap dry cat food, but maybe that is an acquired taste. It's hard to image where a wild goose would learn to eat cat food.
I think she's really beautiful. I think Chinese get a bad rap. Maybe you could get her a couple of goslings. I lost my male and got the female a pair of day old goslings last year. Now they're a trio and get along great. They all seem real happy.
My brown chinese male is my cuddle buddy lol, its my white chinese that are the real mafia gang bangers haha. She needs a buddy!
Awww, poor lady goose! I've seen female Chinese attach themselves to people and follow them around. She sounds very lonely. Can you take her home?

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