Is she dying? - UPDATE ... She Passed On


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Feb 5, 2010
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I bought a BO pullet today. They say she is 3 days old ; I doubt it. She looks a day younger and is lethargic. I gave her a drop of vitamin dilutated with 4 drops of water. Once she got that first sip, she opened her eyes and opened her mouth for more. I refilled the dropper with water & she took in more. Is she so young she can not drink or is she just barely hanging on? She does not walk around, has eaten nothing and does not go to the water. I just gave her some more water through the dropper & she drank it. When I pick her up she chirps, wants down and does not want me to mess with her. As soon as I put her back down, she goes into that lethargic mode. Any suggestions other then wait & see? I'm so worried.
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try a little sugar water its a great aid for weak ones
helps them to get restarted to want to eat or at least
gives them energy to try to eat
i use

8oz of water
1 or 2 tablespoon sugar
mix and give by dropper

and too much vitamin is not a good thing also
in a chicks dehydrated state it can do more harm then good

hope all goes well
Here she is. I bought her from a feed store. She was running around, scared to death so maybe she is just exhausted? I know they had ordered 75 of each BO & BR's. They had all 150 together in a small space. It was heart wrenching ... above them were Americana's. Some of those babies were on their last breath. I asked if there was something they were going to do for them & they said no. They'd wait & see what happened.

Now my little girl ... She has NO balance, easily falls over, sleeps, does not eat and chirps horribly if another chick touches her. When I picked her up, strong chirps but drinks each time with the dropper. Her back part seems as if it's too heavy for her to lift up but nothing seems abnormal at all. I still think she is younger then 3 days old. She looks like the runt.

Does she have poo crusted to her back side? If so, pick it off! This sounds like a chick I had and I lost her because I didn't know about this problem they can have I think they call it pasting up?.
sugar water and warmth
if you want to go the extra mile you can give pedia-sure
to make sure she has the extra electrolites that may help out

it sounds like the feed store did not start them drinking
She's gone.

When I got her home, her bottom was so pasted that when she tried to go, very little came out. I cleaned her up but it was after that she started going down hill. Not sure if this had something to do with it. I also agree they did not start them drinking & with them being so crowded in there, it was heart breaking. Now she's gone.

Thanks everyone

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