is she molting in the spring??

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9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
my two year old BO is losing her feathers. She gets alot of them plucked from my little feather addict Scarlet, another BO. But today she shook herself and many feathers came out. Just today I noticed her missing chest/neck feathers. she looks like she is in a molt. new feather shafts are coming out,I went to pick her up and snapped off three tail feathers! I see no bugs, she is eating and roaming with the flock but has seemed a little sluggish this pass week. I have been giving her/all some electrolyte solution, BOSS, 18% layer pellets, veggie snacks and ACV in their water twice a week for the last three weeks. pop looks fine, not sure if she has layed, she is a good layer, but abdomen does not feel bloated. I have a sig. feather plucking problem going on with three of my hens. any suggestions, I am planning on dusting her since I have never done it and all my methods are failing
I have the same situation. My 3 hens are 1 1/2 years. They appear to be losing the feathers above their tail feathers. My rooster doesn't have any of the symptoms. What is it and does it need to be treated, if so How?
I have one hen that is going through her molt. (This was just after her broody spell.) It might be a good time to worm the flock, if the one seemed sluggish.

Try some "pinless peepers" for your feather pecker. I have a friend that claims they work. They hook into the nostrils and they don't hurt. Sort of like little blinders.

Do your hens get to free range at all? Lots of times, chickens and other birds will pull feathers when they're bored, or they're too crowded.....

Good luck to you!

they are out everyday to freerange, their coop is huge and so is their run. They are very spoiled(maybe the reason?)coop is cleaned everyday. I have pinless peepers, was kinda afraid to use them, not sure if they are ok to use on a chicken that is free ranging, can they see well enough?I am at my wits end, my girls look like they have been neglected and must live in filth, I don't
want anyone to see them, they have blad spots, one is plucking her own feathers from her belly and neck, she is still laying and acts fine, just looks like crap!!help!!!
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