Is she ready?

I don't have G mail so I can't get the video. However, is she the only one you have that isn't laying? What are you feeding her? Did she show signs of any illness during the 28 weeks? Is she your hatch or purchased? Have you wormed your birds at all? Have you checked for mites? What type of nest boxes have you got? Do you have a rooster? Lots of questions I know but they might lead to an answer.

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Hmm... okay, maybe this will work
No squatting, but I doubt she ever will if it's an act of 'submitting'. She is the most terrified chicken ever, and would never submit to me.

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My White Leghorn is 31 weeks and is also not laying but her comb and wattles are bigger then your pullet is showing. Don't know if that means anything but thought I'd let you know that you are not the only leghorn owner waiting for their egg machine to start working.
I got the pic to work below, if you want to check it out. Well, I have two 8 year old birds, who are retired and don't lay, and two that are only 18 weeks and too young to lay, and so she is my only bird this breed and age, so I have nobody to compare her to. I purchased her from a freind who got her from Mc.Murray. I have not wormed my birds, but they seem healthy and they poo is normal. I just switched her to layer crumble, because I ran out of chick crumble and didn't want to buy a whole nother bag. I have checked for mites, with negative results. No I don't have a rooster. I have a simple nestbox that sticks out of the coop, and another cat litter box on the ground that could be used for a nesting box.

Hope that helps!

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