Is sitting in the nesting box for over 5 hours to lay an egg a little too long?


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Aug 24, 2012
I have 3 gorgeous Australorps. Edwina, Patsy and Saffy are 7 months old. They started laying when they were 18 weeks old. Edwina and Patsy are often too busy partying and will pop out an egg mostly only every second day. Saffy (the smallest one by at least a third) has been popping out an egg every day since she started. She always lays her egg in the vase (in the photo). Crazy chicken! The last month or so she's been spending longer and longer in the vase. Today she was in there over five hours! Why is she doing this? Is she falling asleep 'on the job'? Would love to hear other BYC members thoughts on this
Sounds like she is just broody (wanting to hatch). Sometimes, they will lay an egg, and just hop right off. Sometimes, they lay and then hang out for a bit. Then there are the times that those hens get to thinking they want to hatch and they spend half a day just hanging out in the box. I
Well she doesn't sound very happy when I go and check on her and ask her what she's doing, so yeah, I suppose you could call it growling, lol! What do I do if she won't get off the egg? Because she nests and lays in a vase - there's no way I could get her out!
Patsy and Edina... As in "Absolutely Fabulous"? GREAT names! :lol:

Yes, she is broody. If that is the vase in your avatar... Then you may have to gently dump her out and flip the vase over so she can't go back until she is done being broody. Darling. LOL.
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Yes - they are named after the 'Ab Fab girls'

Strangely enough they even seem to have the personalities of their namesakes! Saffy is much smaller, hardworking (lays every day) and is picked on by Eddie and Patsy. Patsy and Eddie are too busy having a good time and picking on Saffy to bother much with laying eggs. Well, this morning Saffy is back in the vase - I've tried getting her out (by calling her name, offering her food, and have even banged loudly on the side of the vase) - all to no avail! I'm too scared that she'll peck me if I try to tip the vase over. How do I get her to stop being broody? Also, if I move the vase - she freaks out! What should I do?
I don't consider them broody until they sleep on the nest for two nights in a row. You didn't mention that so I doubt she's broody. I have hens that just hang out on a nest for hours at a time. It's a comfy place for them! They get off, take a break, come back, hang out, then lay. I don't think it's a problem.
Cool, thanks for that. She only stayed in the vase for about 3 hours today - personally I think she just falls asleep!

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