Is something wrong with my chicken?


Jul 28, 2016
My 22wk old Brahma seems a little weird, she will just stand in places and she doesn't socialize like the other chickens. She feels lighter than my other chickens the same age (though not breed but same size) and after my roo will mate with her she just lays on he ground looking like shes shaking. I'm new to chickens and these are my first ones, I already have 2 chickens with issues (scissor beak, chicken wobbly since hatching) all others look healthy
You need to do a thorough examination of her to check her crop to see if it is empty, full, hard, or puffy, feel of her breast bone for any weight loss, check inside her vent with one finger an inch or two for a stuck egg, look her skin over around the vent and elsewhere for lice or mites, and check her droppings for diarrhea or blood. Place her in a basket or cage to give her water with electrolytes, and some chopped egg along with her feed. She could be overheated, dehdyrated, egg bound, or possibly be sick from a number of things.


This is her, I'll do an exam and separate her as well

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