Is something wrong with my chick's feet??


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Dec 15, 2013
Please help. I just noticed my chick's feet. The same toe on each foot looks to be crooked. She's walking around fine. She's an australorp. I don't know that has anything to do with the breed or not.


Crooked toes can be hereditary, due to a late hatch or may be due to incorrect incubation...humidity too low or wrong temperature. The only way that I know to correct this has to be done within the first few days. You can put a bandaid on the bottom of the foot, flatten the toes out and then use the tape part across the top to keep the toes in place. They grow rather quickly the first week and should straighten. The pictures you show put them well past that stage though. Sorry.
Yeah she is 11 days old today. I have never noticed her toes looking like this before! Could it be broken or crooked from a vitamin deficiency?
I don't think this would be caused by a vitamin deficiency. How may other chicks do you have with straight toes?

IMO, I don't think crooked toes are really broken bones, just bones that are not set right.

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