Is something wrong????


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
We open the coop every morning....Everyone comes down the ramp and starts their day! This am one of the roosters didn't come down....he remained in the coop all day...We checked on him and picked him up and checked him over....No apparent injuries eyes appear runny nose....he is usually the one to watch out for the girls....seemed to be head man....could he have been dethroned and was pouting all day?? He is a 5 month old silkie...All of them are silkies....1 frizzle....3 roos....5 hens...
I would say he's not feeling well. Keep a close watch on him....Sometimes a chicken can develop a respiratory illness and it slips right by you.....Look for some head shaking, also, put him outside and watch him walk around......Offer him a treat he really likes, and if he doesn't gobble it up, then there is something wrong.....

Keep me posted, and let me know what you find! Good luck,

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