Is that bumblefoot ?


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Apr 2, 2018
Hello Everyone.. I have found that my 6 months old silkie has an injury in both her feet. I'm still wondering whether or not it is bumblefoot. Can anyone help and tell me what are the steps to follow to heal her ?

Thank you very much.



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Those feet don't appear normal with those patches of yellow. I have never treated Silkies, so I don't know how bumblefoot would manifest, but that looks like pus just under the skin of the foot pad.

I recommend you have a vet who is familiar with Silkies take a look at her. It may turn out to be calluses and not infection. But if that isn't practical to see a vet, first compare her to your other Silkies unless she's the only one you have. Do you see anything similar on any of the others?

Where does this Silkie hang out and sleep? Does she have cushioning in her coop to walk on? Does she roost at night on a perch? Where does she sleep? Is the flooring rough? Any idea how she may have injured her feet?

To treat bumblefoot you need to soak a good twenty minutes in warm Epsom salt water. Then see how the feet look. You probably will need to do surgery. It sounds scarier than it is. Have the following assembled:

-sterile razor blade
-a dish of warm clean water
-cotton balls and Q-tips
-Vetericyn spray
-triple antibiotic ointment
-small squares of sterile non-stick pads
- roll of Vetrap or horse elastic stick-to-itself bandage cut into one-inch wide strips about twenty inches long

You will need a razor blade or an Exacto knife. Have Betadine handy for swabbing the foot, then make a straight very shallow cut across the yellow patch. You will be pushing on the perimeter of the yellow patch to express out all the yellow pus. It will be solid and waxy, not liquid.

After you get as much of the pus out as you can, wash feet thoroughly in warm water and Betadine and rinse. No need to stitch up the incisions. Dry and spray Vetericyn on both wounds and let dry. Smooth on the antibiotic ointment. Place a non-stick pad on the wound and wrap thoroughly with the elastic bandage, being sure to leave the toes functional, but snugly enough so no dirt can reach the wounds. Check wound in two days and repeat all the steps above except for the surgery part.

You may need to treat like this for a period of time. Bumblefoot can heal in as little as a few days or it can take months. I've learned it pays to do frequent foot exams in order to catch bumblefoot early on.


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Are you seeing any swelling of the foot or leg joints? Mycoplasma synovitis may cause a yellow appearance with swelling under the skin. The cuts on the feet and toes may benefit from warm Epsom salts soaking daily.

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