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    Apr 16, 2007
    I have 23 pullets. I have EEs, Barred Rocks, White Leghorns and RIRs. I would say half of them "blossomed" over night. The leghorns more then the rest. Bright red combs, some have sprouted long wattles and some have the big bottom look. It's weird it's about half of each breed is like that. They'll be 15 weeks old on Monday.

    Does this mean there's going to be eggs soon?????
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    It's getting closer, that's for sure. It would be unusual for any of those except maybe the Leghorn to lay before 18 weeks at least. Two of my three original RIRs laid right at 19 weeks old, but the third little rebel waited maybe three more weeks. My Barred Rocks laid around 22 weeks, I think. No, wait, Lexie kept me waiting till 24 weeks.
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