is their a way to tell which hens are laying eggs and which are not?


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Aug 13, 2008
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i have 19 hens a mixture of buff o's and rhode islandsx red stars i get anywhere from 6-9 eggs a day but i cant tell who is laying them is their anyway to determine which hens are producing and which arent besides watching who gets in boxes ( thanks )

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Apr 20, 2008
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Ya I mix as many different colors as I can and them put some on one set of hens and wait...then more later on a different set of hens. Pick the ones you THINK may be laying first. Ya I have 15 hens and it was lots of fun. I only have one laying hen but I want to know who lays what and they are all about to start laying...they are 9 weeks old, so I'm all ready
I tried it on my hen I KNOW is laying and it worked
Read about it here on a different thread long ago.


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Nov 9, 2007
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Pick the chicken up and look at the vent. Hens that are laying or really ready to lay will have moist, pink vents. After a good long while of laying they will start to get bare bottoms too.

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