Is there a cure?

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May 18, 2009
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I just visited my local feed store and they had Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks. I just had to add 4 of them to the 20 chicks that I already have. Then, on my way out the door the feed store guy said, "Did you see my Golden Comets?" They were so beautiful I got two of those too. Now I have 26 chicks and, because of the age difference (my Jersey Giants are getting big) I put a second brooder in my coop. I swear, I am not going to buy another chick this year! I don't even know what a Golden Comet is. Does anyone out there know about them?

And, is there a cure for my chick addiction?
I had a whole thread going last week on chicken addiction. I was hoping te betty ford clinic would open up a "wing" just for us! No ~ really, a gold comet, is a brown egg layer. they're susposed to be friendly. they look similar to rir's. I started out with 5, now I have 26 too, and I'm not done. I'm getting 2 australorps monday, 4 white orpingtons in a week or two, and 5 black white tailed japanese bantams assoon as they can be torn away from mommy! I hope they find a cure for us soon!
LOL you make me laugh
because I know the feeling.
I tell my self NO MORE chicks....but it is addicting!!!

Golden Comet. I have a full grown hen. She lays BIG brown eggs. One every 3 days. She is a big hen. Very nice personalty.
Just type in "Golden Comet" to get your pics! (and info)
Golden comets are egg hens, sexable hybrids (means baby boy chicks and girl chicks are different colors). If it makes you feel at all better your chickens will happily eat every hornworm you bring them.
I happen to know you will get more chicks. Don't ask me how I know.

I have 4 chickens and have never had any chicks. But I am trying to get a couple from my Mother in Law who is a chick addict.
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Count me in the club & I'm a newbie to this! I ordered 15. JUST 15!! I got a call from a lady while I was still waiting on my order and went & picked up 4 from her. When I went to pick up my order of JUST 15!! I suckered into buying an extra, because s/he would have been all alone!!! And I get home & do a headcount and there's actually SEVENTEEN!!! So I have 21 chickees, and I cannot look at another because I'm in love already.....
Here are some pics of GC I found online:



Maybe someone who has one can post some pics for of luck
I love, love love my golden comets, Pookie, Goldie, Carmel, Pookie JR. and Holly.

The first three my kids lug around, bring in the house, take for rides in the covered wagon and they are so personable and friendly. They are family members.

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