Is there a disease that makes them stop laying?


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Mar 29, 2008
Wenatchee, WA
I've had hens who have molted for extended periods of time, say 3-4 months with no laying, and then they either die or grow their feathers back but still don't lay. These are young hens about 15-18 months old. Could they be sick in addition to molting? Should I be vaccinating for something?
I don't know. Sorry.

But our young hens, who have never layed before, are at 16-17 months old! They still aren't laying!(and yes, they are hens) I am wondering why....
I would sure like to know the answer to that question.
I have a post on this site concerning this matter. I have 29 hens.. i had one egg in 4 days.
I have them in a small pen, from a 10 acre free range. felt they might be hiding eggs.. they arent
I felt they might be eating eggs. they arent
I thought they might be molting.. ive been told that its impossible for 29 hens to molt all at the same time.
I have one hen that lays an egg very once in a while. a barred rock. she has bright red thingys on her face and head. she is the only hen the rooster pays any attention to. all the others even my good layers now have pink combs and things.
the barred rock has bright red ones and they are large. the others have small combs.. pink or even orangy.
they get the best food.. but ive been told that feeding them crushed corn in their scratch is why they arent ive stoppped that.
I was told by an elderly woman here in the back woods of tennessee that if i cooked a pot of beans and laced it good with hot sauce it would start them laying again. i tried that yesterday.. they ate beans all day long.
some one on this site told me that chickens dont taste hot spicy foods, well they ate those hot beans for awhile and then would go and wipe their beaks in the dust. it was funny..and to watch them hit the water pan was funny to. I did worry about this.
so.. again.. what what to do.??? there are no pest that i know of.. they are not stressed that i know of.. they have a quiet county home.. 10 acres of free range and a grand chicken house to my opinion. im at the end of my ideas..

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