Is there a way to get more eggs? And I dont think my silkie is laying

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    Okay so we live in mn and have 19 laying hens, a silkie and a silkie roo. We got them in March. During the summer we were averaging about 14-15 eggs a day. So you think someone was slacking or is that normal? Now we are lucky to get 8 eggs. It is starting to get cold and days shorter. It gets dark around 6:30 and I turn on the coop light then and turn it off at 8:30 - 9:00 and this morning i turned it on a 6:00 am and again at 8:00. Should we be getting more eggs?
    My silkie is 4 weeks younger and I do not think she is laying. Can someone post a pic of a silkie egg? And is there a reason she may not be laying? If possible it would be nice to see a comparison picture of a silkie egg to a normal size chicken egg. She may be laying and I dont realize it...

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    Noticing lots of feathers around? How old are the hens?

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