Is there an ultimate list of chicken breeds/weights anywhere?


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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone here knows of a thorough list of all the chicken breeds, preferably listed by weight class? I am no chicken expert (I'm a duck person myself), but would like to learn more about chicken breeds and sizes. I'm assuming there are bantam, light, medium, and heavy chickens like weight classes for ducks? Also, does anyone know what the weight ranges for the specific weight classes are?

Or in the very least, can anyone suggest me a nice comprehensive book about breeds? I have "Storey's ILLUSTRATED guide to poultry" which has lovely pictures, but not a ton of info. And the info it does have seems to be more about the very best of a breed, rather than what's normal for a breed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Here ya go! (It's a wonderful resource and I have it bookmarked on my home AND my work computer browser!)

Henderson's Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart
With chickens there are 2 "classes" Large Fowl and Bantams.

The best comprehensive book about the breeds is going to be the American Standard of Perfection. It will have the standard for Large fowl, Bantam, Water fowl and turkey in it.

wow thank you guys, that is really helpful!

Any suggestions on the best place to get the Standards book?
Randall Burkey sells it, and I think so does the APA. Look on ebay for older ones, too. I spent the big bucks for the colored version, and it was not worth it. The illustrations are all artists renditions rather than photographs of the actual breeds, so I don't consider the breed pictures to be very helpful.
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Thanks for letting em know! that is very helpful. I was going to post to ask if anyone thought the color version was worth it, lol. you read my mind!

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