Is there any breed that likes to be held?

When they're little, not really. My BR was very tolerant as a youngin' but after I left for school and visited she was less tolerant of being held because no one had done it for a couple months. She's still extremely friendly, just doesn't enjoy being picked up.

My buff orpington seems to enjoy it though! She will perch on my lap and let me carry her around without a fuss. She's a sweetheart too
d'uccles. If you start them young and don't let the kids 'crush them' when they try to pick them up as chicks, some do really like to be held. I have a rooster and a hen that are this way. I had a Houdan once who also liked to be held-- but it was hard to tame him.
The best "pet" chicken breed (imho) is silkies. They are actually known for it, but as with any animal they need to be handled as babies. I did have a pet Ameraucana named Monkey(which was unusual...they are known for NOT liking to be handled). She was the last of a clutch to hatch under a mutt hen, but I had to incubate her egg a few days because the hen left the box with the other babies and never came back. Monkey (and another chick, Duckie) hatched early, and had an exposed yolk sack, but I managed to save her(Duckie didn't make it). In doing so, she imprinted on me as her Mom, and followed me around like a puppy lol. She was happier sitting on my lap than eating with the others! Who might be able to get almost any breed if they imprint on you!
I had the most friendly silver duckwing oegb hen who loved attention and to be held. She was so much fun. Until she mysteriously disappeared one day. Poor Poquito.
Cochins are pretty holdable too. I had some really nice blue and black bantams and blue standards that I would hold.
I find that Cochins LOVE to be handled. . .

Otherwise, really, there are some skittish breeds out there indeed, but most it just is about how much or little you handle them and how old they are. Nearly all chicks go through a weird spaz stage, but by the time they're of laying age, they calm down and if handled enough, can be picked up with great ease.
My sweetest, friendliest girl was a Buff Orpington named Norma Jean. I also had a cochin that seemed to be growing to like being held, we got her a bit older, so I think if we started her young, she would have been good from the start. They're both gone now (supid raccoons), and I now have a flock of Marans that definitely do NOT like to be held or even touched. Heck, they freak if you even look at them too long.

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