Is there anyhting there? Cadleing.

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I'm still a newbie too, but at 7 days when I candeled I could see veins and a blob (which would be the baby). From these pics I can't see that, but it may just be the pics. Are these for sure fertile? Good luck and maybe I just can't see it well enough.
I think the darker ones may have something... and none of them look infertile, so I'd wait it out till about day 17 before tossing them.
It's too blurry, I can't tell. Try holding your fingers around the base of the egg where the light is. The light excaping makes it hard to see. Also the perfect picture size to post is 600x800.
I have light-brown eggs to deal with when I have to candle. I have yet to EVER see a "vein" anywhere, and I've used several kinds of lights. All I can tell you is what gives me a clue about what's going on in the egg that Miss Prissy told me:
On day 14 If there's a black blob showing through the egg, a chicken is forming. If the egg is clear and practically glows, it probably ain't never gonna produce no chick.

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