is there anything as adorable as this......


Aug 8, 2019
Brooklyn, NY
I'd like to wish my 2 Doves Studdmuffin and Bess a MAZEL TOV! on the hatching of these 2 chicks.
Mom left the nest to get some seed and I snapped the photo......they're about 1 week old
I really love at this age how they still haven't grown into their beaks. These 2 are inseparable! they always perch and stay near each other. They are now banded yellow for this generation and since they are stuck together all the time I'm naming them Eng & Cheng like the Famous side show Simease twins!
Its funny that when they first hatch the beaks are always so big, then as they grow they seem too small! They do look so sweet! I wish you could magic me some! How many do you have?

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