Is there anything else I can do??


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May 2, 2009
Discovered this morn that I have an eggbound hen! (my bad). I think she must have been this way at least a week because that is when I noticed her walking funny. We have given her 2 warm baths this morn and have massaged her. I took vaseline on a gloved finger and inserted in vent and a yellowish liquid shot out. I continued and a little more whiteish liquid came out. There was a yellowish/green, cottage cheese consistancy, stuff was on my finger mixed with flecks of blood. How far do I insert my finger. I went in about 1 inch or so. Did not feel an egg. Her stomach feels soft and didn't feel any eggs at first, but as we continued the massage, I felt a hard lump at the base of her wing. It is an egg. We try to move it down, but it didn't move much. Not sure what to do now. She is alert. I fixed her some feed with oyster shell and yogurt, which she gobbled down. I mixed calcium in her water, but I'm not sure she has had any as of now. She is just standing in the dog carrier we have her in. I have a towel over it to make it dark like an egg box, hoping she might think it is time to lay. I also have a heat lamp shining in to keepher warm. she is inside with us. I'm going to go to tsc and get some durmycin. Is this something I should do? I'm not sure what her belly is full of. It is not hard, kinda firm but squishy. Is this normal with eggbound? I'm thinking that whatever is in there is preventing the egg from descending. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I forgot to add that her stomach is distended, featherless and warm to the touch.
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Nov 1, 2010
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Sounds like she is egg bound and is infected. The antibiotics hopefully will help. You need to gently insert your finger as deep as possible and lubricate inside as deep as possible. Keep doing the bathes and messages. Hopefully she will pass the egg soon! Poor girl!


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